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Model 220 Violin

The Model 220 Nagoya Suzuki violin has long been the standard to which other instruments are compared and judged by. This traditional model violin has been played and loved by students and teachers world-wide since it's introduction into the market.

Made in Nagoya, Japan we feel it is the most suitable, established, proven and reliable student violin available. A particular strength of this model is its "shape molded" spruce top which is more durable in various humidity and temperature conditions.

Select and seasoned maple, spruce and ebony are used in the creation of each violin. Consistent quality in manufacturing is the keystone of the Model 220 series The Nagoya Suzuki Model 220 violin is fitted with steel strings, genuine ebony pegs, ebony fingerboard, ebony chinrest and 4 fine tuners.

Each instrument is made under the highest quality control standards. The sound of the Model 220 violin has been described as having a center focus strong sound. "You Know Nagoya".

List Price (instrument only): $529.95 (US$)
Available in sizes:
4/4, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/10, 1/16
The Nagoya Suzuki Violin Model 220 was first introduced in 1972. It rapidly became the most popular and requested student violin in the world. As manufacturing techniques and abilities progressed, the Suzuki Manufacturing company used them to create an instrument that was practical, durable and economical, yet maintained quality standards expected by knowledgeable instructors.

Not only did the Suzuki Manufacturing set the world standard for fractional size instruments, but their manufacturing expertise created excellent instruments. The top spruce sound plate of each Model 220 is a select solid spruce cut that is shaped into its final contour rather than carved. This process, along with their time-proven varnishing technique, created an instrument top that is tone responsive and more resistant to changes in humidity which may cause an instrument to split. Another manufacturing asset is the small polymer tip of the scroll that is embedded into the outsets of each scroll area. As seen from the photograph above, this is a tiny piece that makes no difference to the instrument playability or durability, yet saves steps in the manufacturing process.

Only the Nagoya Suzuki Model 220 violin has a proven track record of consistent quality for over 30 years. You will find that there are many music companies that have also used the Model 220 in their rental instrument pool. Because of their durability and quality they are still in use today. You know Nagoya!

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